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You can apply for three types of assistance:

  • PART A – One-time grant
  • PART B – One of our major benefits
  • PART C – Our help for your fundraising or event planning

Please be as thorough and detailed as you can. Keep in mind that we have resources to help only a small number of people. Still, we consider every application thoroughly.

Please complete the online application below.

If you prefer, you can download the application here and follow the submission instructions on the form.

Please give us your contact information:

Phone 1:
Phone 2:
Relationship to possible beneficiary:
How did you learn about Lost & Foundation?

Please choose the type of assistance you need and give us some information about it.  You’ll probably need to use other pages or compose a letter or e-mail to answer the questions.

 A.  Applying for one time direct assistance (usually between $100 and $1000)

1. Please describe your situation:
2. Please describe the specific need you are asking for help with. Some examples could be “I have to get to Seattle for surgery and I need gas money to get there.” Or “My treatment in Salt Lake will take 2 weeks and I need help with lodging expenses while I am there.”
3. Please tell us how much assistance you need or your estimate of how much the costs will be, such as “Gas is $3.97 and it’s 627 miles to Seattle so I will need $226 for the trip over and back.”

B.  Applying for one of our two annual benefit concerts

1. Please describe your situation_:
2. Please tell us about the financial stresses you’re facing, including the amount of bills related to the situation, both current and those expected in the future. Give us some perspective of the total financial impact.
3. Are there other benefits or relief efforts that have happened previously or are planned for in the future? This could be any events, a bank account set up for this purpose, even collection jars put in stores.
4. Are you willing to be public with your situation? (For example, television and newspapers ads, posters, interviews, and so on.)
5. Do you have insurance coverage or other help available to you?

C.  Applying for assistance and guidance in fund raising and event planning

1. Please describe your event and who or what it’s for.
2. Tell us how we might help you.

Thank you for sharing your information with us!  We won’t use it for any other purpose than helping us know whether we are able to help you.

Please feel free to e-mail us or call us (406-442-5002) if you have questions or need more information about Lost & Foundation Ltd.

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